The Talent Show, A New Tradition

Margie Muller Staff Writer The annual talent show started in 2010 after a devastating earthquake in Haiti. Taylor Pedicone and recent 2011 graduate, Paul Hinkes, began the show in order to raise money for the effort. It became an inaugural show and now continues to be a tradition. Last year, the show was in support of the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami. When asked why it’s important to do the talent show every year, Robert Chen said, “It’s a way to raise awareness. The media is quick to sweep natural disasters under the rug. But the talent show serves as a reminder that there are still people out there that need our help.” Instead of a bake sale or raffle, though, the talent show is continued as “a way to bring together the student body. It cheers everyone up even though the cause is a bit depressing.” This year was no different. Organized by seniors Taylor Pedicone and Robert Chen, Latin’s 2012 talent show was a wonderful evening filled with exactly what it stands for: talent. A variety of acts and students came out of the woodwork to perform for a crowd of parents, friends, and teachers. Ranging from singing to piano, the entertainment was fantastic. Each act had a special quality, changing what could be a monotonous parade of songs into a dynamic lineup. Taylor hosted with grace and ease, aided by an occasional joke from the judges. We laughed at Frances Kelleher’s witty standup routine, cried when Sydney Lehman sang a Christina Aguielera standard, You Are Beautiful, accompanied by Chris Quazzo on the piano, and we sat in awe of Cam Arkin’s poetry. It was amazing to see all the students out of their element. “Students don’t get the opportunity to perform normally. And it’s a good way for students to exhibit their talent,” says Christina Bianco, participant in the talent show. She showed off her soprano skills in opera piece O, Mio Babbino Caro. Rarely do students see each other out of their academic element, but the talent show is an opportunity to see a completely different side of school. The support exuded from the confident applause is a testament to how much students appreciate each other’s skill and passion, showcasing the strength of the Latin community. Of course, by the end, most of us had forgotten that the moniker talent show implies a competition. So had Christina, who said, “I didn’t even realize there was a winner until an hour before, when I learned people were judging.” The judges decided on a triumvirate of acts that consisted of a song sung by Annie Schwab accompanied by Elizabeth Schultz on the guitar, Alex Kling’s impressive and unexpected guitar piece, and, in first place, Christina Bianco. Overall, the show was a great success. Unfortunately, the total amount raised is as of yet unknown, but hopefully the event was able to raise a good amount for the American Red Cross. It looks as though the show will continue to be an annual tradition and Latin will continue to donate the profits to other worthy causes. Other performers include Bella Costa, Jack Simborg, Tommy Elzinga, Sam Cohen, Maria Cheadle, Michelle Santos, and Kunal Koppula.  ]]>