Top 10 Prom Askings 2010

Amanda Gallop & Christina Tadin Staff Writers Over the past few days, an online survey was sent to Latin students who voted on the best prom asking of 2010. Ten couples were put on the ballot and a brief summary was given about each of their askings, and students then picked their favorite. Who doesn’t want to read about ten amusing, clever askings, and vote for their favorite, perhaps even seeing themselves on the ballot? The polls are closed and the votes have been tallied. Over a hundred students have voted, and soon we will know which proposal they were most fond of. And the results are… (Drum roll) The third best prom asking of 2010 goes to… Nick Weiss to Claire Schultz and Jake Meister to Meredith Brumfield, who both received 14.3% of the vote. Nick showed his romantic side by colloguing his inside jokes with Claire along with the word “prom” on a poster and put it up in her room, which is filled with her own collages. Meanwhile, Jake showed off his humorous side by having Mrs. Gifford throw a fake fit because he and Meredith were sitting together “making too much noise”.  Mrs. Gifford demanded they follow her into the library classroom, because she had “had enough” and gave Meredith an ultimatum: go to Dean Hogan’s office or go to prom with Jake. These two were adorable enough and this is only for third place! The runner up for the best prom asking of 2010 goes to … Elliot Han to Teddy Nagaro! Teddy walked into school on her birthday to find the entire lobby decorated. As she walked through the doors of the lobby there was a note at the front desk saying “for Teddy.” Through series of notes leading her to different rooms around the school she was finally directed to the upstairs gym, where a teddy bear and balloons awaited her with a note that said “Teddy, will you go to prom with me?” Elliot then walked in, flowers in hand.  Can it get any better than that? But believe it or not, students felt there was one to top it. For the moment everyone has been waiting for… The best prom asking of 2010 is… Hank Goldberg to Pamela Babington! Hank took Pamela on a romantic evening to the beach where she followed a trail of white rose petals to a sign framed in flashlights in the sand saying: “Pamela, Prom?” made of rose petals. Awe, how adorable! Hank, how are you going to be able to top that next year? Stay tuned, everyone! Here are the rankings for all ten finalists below: 4th place: A three-way tie between Paul Hinkes to Ella Glasser, Walter Davenport, Alex Chapman, and Conner White to Victoria Galarnyk, Luci Ramos, and Morgan Eugenio, respectively, and Tony Walner to Taylor Golub- all receiving 10.7% of the vote. 5th place: Nick Lehmann to Elena Cohn with 3.6%. Finishing in 6thh place with less than 1% is both Eric Diskin to Alex Giordano and Kyle Lewis to Lindsey Levin.]]>