Football and Food: Thanksgiving Necessities

Mehr Singh Editorials Editor Thanksgiving seems to be the break every Latin student desperately needs during the stressful season of hard work and exams. However, the idea of a break from school is not what brings the excitement of Thanksgiving; it is the experiences that families enjoy together. For Latin students the most popular family activities are football and experimenting with cooking family recipes. Dutch Koldyke, a junior, said his favorite Thanksgiving tradition is “ to go up to Michigan for the week and then on Friday or Saturday play in our big family football game.” Spending time with family over the break is one thing, but participating in a family tradition that everyone enjoys embodies the spirit of the holiday. Most families might not be able to meet for a family football game, but as senior Julie Sarne noted “watching the Michigan-Ohio state football game on TV and eating apple and pear as a family” makes up for it. Football is an essential part of Thanksgiving tradition, but knowing our very particular Latin eaters, food is of ultimate importance. Considering this, instead of just eating the common pumpkin or pecan pie, Latin students take their Thanksgiving desert to the next level with their own creations. As junior Maggie Nemoy explained, “ My mom’s side of the family has been making a family desert for thirty years. It has three layers: strawberry, orange, and lime. Each layer is jello and it is mixed with vanilla ice cream in the center. Its delicious!” While some Latin students enjoy their traditional family creations, other students take Thanksgiving baking into their own hands—to ensure perfection. Designated desert chef for Thanksgiving, junior Nicole Heckman uses her culinary expertise to experiment with different flavors for the holiday. Instead of plain old pumpkin pie, Nicole made pumpkin bread pudding with a vanilla bean crème anglaise. The actual desert is extremely important for Nicole, but the experience of sharing it with her family is what really makes special, as Nicole explained, “I’m in charge of the dessert so I use the traditional flavors of Thanksgiving desserts and create something different and memorable. I love Thanksgiving because it gives me an excuse to cook all day without my parents telling me to do homework. My favorite part of cooking is watching people’s first reaction after they take a bite of something I made, and knowing that everyone left the table stuffed… like a turkey.” Food and football may be essential parts of Thanksgiving for Latin students, but they are just the tools that bring families together. The fun and joy of being together with family, while collectively baking a family desert or watching a football game is what makes the holiday so special. In our chaotic and busy lives it’s hard to find time to just be with family, and these little traditions create so much happiness just by everyone being together. It’s not the action; it’s the feeling that arises from it that makes Latin students so eager for Thanksgiving break.  ]]>