Carl Abram: Latin's Newest DJ/P.E. Teacher

Jake Orlin Staff Writer I recently sat down with Carl Abram, Latin’s newest edition to the physical education department, for an interview about his new life at Latin. During the interview, I learned that Mr. Abram is definitely more than just an ordinary gym teacher.   Mr. Abram was born, raised, and has lived in Chicago for most of his life. Before working at Latin, he was a carpenter for 10 years, building homes around the Chicago area while attending night school. Last year, he student taught as a gym teacher at the Lab School located on Chicago’s south side. Along with working at Latin, he also is a part time DJ. If you happen to find yourself at the Funky Buddha Lounge, Butterfly Social Club, Subterranean, or the Crocodile Lounge, you might be able to see Mr. Abram running the show. He plays Reggae and Hip-Hop from the 90s, both of which are his favorite genres of music. Also, in his spare time, Mr. Abram loves to rebuild mopeds, and hold BBQ’s on Sundays for the Bear’s game. His favorite dishes to make are ribs, chicken, and Mac and Cheese. Mr. Adam is also an avid tennis player, snowboarder, and even cycler.   When Mr. Abram first arrived at Latin, he thought that it was, “a great community with supportive staff, engaging students, and kind families.” He currently teaches outdoor education, sex education, strength training, and 7th grade physical education. A 7th grade student of his, Sam Orlin, describes him as a  “cool, calm, and collected dude.” Lizzie Marks, a student in outdoor education, said her class is “definitely the most fun part of everyday.” His students’ reflections illustrate that he can make any class entertaining. Everyday he provides engaging classes, usually eats the pasta in the cafeteria for lunch, and coaches the girl’s tennis team. Mr. Abram brings the same exciting energy to each activity and class, making him a new student favorite.]]>