It All Comes Down to the Music

Grace Ebach Staff Writer Anticipation mounted as we pulled up in front of the school, predicting which girl would show up wearing the too revealing, short, slutty dress, which person would grind with who, and which guy would end up coming to the dance “high on life.” We stood in line, paid our fee, and clomped through the doors so each group of girls could hug and exclaim of how beautiful they all looked. Not much longer did it take for everyone to gather in the tight space of the half-gym, waiting for the dub step and pop/dance music to take over the building and transform our awkward teenage bodies to confident, professional clubbers. Sadly, that moment failed to arise. The music, expected to be the sexist and meaningless tunes of Rihanna, David Guetta, and Nicki Minaj, were instead replaced with Earth, Wind, and Fire’s riveting “September,” Gloria Gaynor’s sexy “I Will Survive,” and the all-time classic: Mr. C’s “Cha Cha Slide.” These puzzlingly appropriate songs were fine to end a dance with, but to start? Despite assurance of students getting their grinding “privileges” back, under some conditions of course, the faculty failed to even test the student body’s compliance of rules by playing the kind of music that might make one of our mothers start to shake their booty instead of ours. A sophomore, choosing to remain anonymous, was deeply disappointed by the supervision and music choice at the dance. “The music just wasn’t the right kind of music for a homecoming, and the supervisors didn’t even give us a chance to prove that we could behave and be appropriate at all.” Most of the students, angered and disheartened, left by 8:30 – only half way through the event. This catastrophe of a homecoming has become a hot topic throughout the halls of Latin, and the student-faculty relationship has been struck by a tremendous blow. How can the trust for an appropriate yet actually fun teenage dance be formed? Only time will tell – till then, I think our traumatized halls should cool down from the dances…at least until Winter Ball of course.]]>