The Street: Senior Edition


by Paige Hosbein

Hello, fashion enthusiasts!

Thanks for checking out the latest installment of “The Street,” a senior edition. As Bill Cunningham once said, “Fashion is the armor to survive everyday life.” In honor of the seniors’ departure in one short week, The Street is featuring a handful of the countless stylish graduates of the Class of 2019 who use their armor to survive everyday life at school. This class is chock-full of exceptionally unique dressers.

First is senior Anna Wolf. Her á la mode outfits are always jaw-drop-worthy—and for every occasion. Above is what she considers a typical school ensemble. She knows how to rock both haute couture and ripped jeans. She gave an insightful remark, “Fashion gives everyone the ability to express themselves no matter how intrinsically creative they are.”

Next is Forum Co-Editor-in-Chief Olivia Baker, whose senior superlative tells it all. Her grace and sophistication pairs well with her flawless attire. Latin will not be the same without her empowering persona.

Siena Craigie’s varied and bold fashion choices light up the hallways. Siena said, “Fashion makes me feel confident.”

Sophia Nappo knows how to dazzle with her high-end athleisure wear and contagious smile. She noted, “When you look good, you feel good. On that note, fashion makes me feel both comfortable and productive.”

The Class of 2019 fashion gurus will certainly be missed. Let their styles, but more importantly, their thoughtful contributions to the Latin community, leave a lasting legacy. In Israeli fashion designer Alber Elbaz’s words, “Style is the only thing you can’t buy. It’s not in a shopping bag, a label, or a price tag. It’s something reflected from our soul to the outside world—an productive and comfortable.