What Happened to Cold Stone?

Brittany Kraff Staff Writer The common question of the day is often, what should I have for lunch? When the cafeteria seems unappealing because of the endless lines, and frankly just because you want something different, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by countless outside options for food. The next question, which restaurant should I pick? As many of you may have noticed, the once convenient ice cream stop, Cold Stone, has been replaced with a small Italian style Gelateria/Café. As some would be happy to upgrade their ice cream to gelato, there have been mixed reviews about Palermo. Some have said that the gelato is the best that they have had outside of Italy; while others thought that it was “too thick and too frozen with an after-taste.” However, if you are looking for a small, cold treat on some of the (hopefully) hot days to come, a small gelato at Palermo is only $3.00. Some other complaints were that the pastries did not seem fresh. But, as most of us students are solely looking for a quick bite of lunch, the Ciabiatta Caprese Turkey Panini is supposed to be excellent, and the best part is that it is super quick! Not to forget to mention the pizza is authentic Italian. If you are not quite able to handle the gigantic slices that Bacci offers, a slice from Palermo with a small gelato or Italian cookie may be a better option! I would suggest heading down Wells in the near future. It’s only block away located at 1533 N. Wells St, right off of North Ave. Because of its convenient hours, opening at 8am and closing at 10pm, and even sometimes at 11pm, it’s the perfect place for an afternoon snack even if your sports practice runs a little late. Considering that Palermo has yet to change the signature cold stone door handle or red wall paper, the support of Latin students would be a great aid to helping this new neighborhood spot survive and maybe also help their redecoration process…]]>