The Week in Review From the Upper School Library

Innovation Day 2/2/17  Led by Junior David Malkin with support from Senior Nick Rose, Innovation Day was a raving success, comprising student-led engagement and exposure to leaders, concepts and opportunities in today’s most immersive and innovative industries. On Thursday, February 2nd, Howard Tullman, CEO of Chicago Tech-Entrepreneurship Incubator 1871, gave a captivating presentation at our Upper School Assembly to speak about his ventures with innovation and cultivating entrepreneurship. This was not to be done without imparting many of his lessons and rules for how to succeed in a highly competitive industry. To keep in pace with the day’s theme, Jesse Diaz, founder of Chicago’s very own Dark Matter Coffee, spoke at the US Library during the lunch blocks that day. His much more relaxed Q & A session was accompanied with samples of Dark Matter Coffee and donuts. Notable quotes from each speaker: Howard Tullman “We are preparing for jobs that don’t exist today, training to use technologies that haven’t been invented yet, in order to solve problems that we don’t even know are problems today.” “The best way to get ahead is to get started.” “Sometimes the baby is just ugly.” Jesse Diaz “Listen to your community for direction and make iterations.” “The business model is to not have a business model.” “Even though I didn’t have a college education doesn’t mean that I hadn’t paid for a college education. Failures, investments, relationships, are all learning experiences and they are not cheap.”]]>