The Sound of Music Rolls Into Wrigley Theater

Hedy Gutfreund Staff Writer Putting on a large musical production is never a simple task for a small high school. From designing the choreography, to building the set, to mastering the songs, there is little room for error. Latin’s upper school winter musical will be The Sound of Music.  This classic production, which runs from February 9th-11th, tells the story of Maria, a former nun, who works as a governess for the motherless Von Trapp children. Maria then becomes involved in a romance with the children’s father, Captain Georg Von Trapp. It is set during the time before World War II. Many people are unaware of the efforts that happen to create a production like this. Junior Nick Lehmann, who is excitedly taking in every part of the experience, plays Kurt, the middle child of the Von Trapp family. He reflects on his time spent in rehearsals, saying, “We are constantly doing work for signing, dancing, and acting. I think that many people would be surprised in how much rehearsal time it takes to prepare the play. Many of the actors are at rehearsal after school 5 days a week for 3 hours. It is an incredibly exhausting experience, but the time spent working on the musical will absolutely create an unbelievable product.” The teamwork that is needed to create a cohesive production is not always evident. Even for people without main roles, being a part of the production is a big commitment. Starting this Monday, every cast member will be required to go to every rehearsal for around three hours each day. Freshman Jake Schlossberg, who plays a party guest, feels the effect of this and argues, “The cast of a play is equivalent to that of a sports team; we are a family. Fun fact: we do just as much practicing as any Latin sports team, and we do well over the amount of hours of physical activity (dancing) for a PE independent study.” In addition to spending hours singing and dancing, the actors take part in building the set during build call. During a rehearsal, some actors go into the shop and work to build the scenery for a few hours at a time with Mr. Schneider. According to Sophomore Sarah Heilbronner, who plays a nun in the Nonnberg Abbey from which Maria left, “When I worked in the shop, I actually had a great time!”]]>